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Mike Ullman, J. C. Penney CEO: Hello again!

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Mike Ullman, III Chief Executive Officer J.C. Penney, Inc. 6501 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 54024 February 28, 2008 Hello Mike – Me again. You've probably not yet had time to respond to my previous letter, but I wanted to follow up, as we've received more customer service mail intended for you. Jerome is seeking some help with his hutch -- his comment is here. A nice woman in Illinois sent you, via postal mail to our PO box, a two page hand-written apology. It seems she shoplifted a shirt from one of your stores as a teenager and now regrets that. She apologizes and enclosed a $22 check made out to J. C. Penney. I'm forwarding her letter and her check to you in today's mail. I'm still uncertain as to why your customers are choosing to reach out to you via our blog..... In my prior note, I asked your opinion of how blogging is changing the relationship between customer and corporation. I'd enjoy hearing your views on that. Would you be up for a phone interview? Cheers -- [signature] Alan Rimm-Kaufman President, Rimm-Kaufman Group PS. A similar customer service issue was posted to our blog comments about a TitleNine order; their CEO Missy Park jumped in and responded.
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