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Is Mike Ullman Listening To The Blogosphere? Are You?

[RKG letterhead] Box 8025 Charlottesville, VA 22906 February 24, 2008 Mike Ullman, III Chief Executive Officer J.C. Penney, Inc. 6501 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 54024 Hello Mike -- I enjoyed your keynote speech at the National Retail Federation's Shop.org spring conference last year. The next day I wrote a positive blog post about your talk (http://tinyurl.com/346989). Subsequently, three of your customers posted complaints in the comments on our site. These appear to be legitimate customer service complaints (rather than fake slams by a competitor seeking to besmirch), but one never knows for sure. These three customers thought a comment on my firm's blog would somehow reach you, or your customer service team. At this year's spring Shop.org, Andy Sernovitz gave a keynote during which he suggested the marketing activity with the highest ROI is monitoring the blogs for customer comments, then saying "thanks" to positive remarks and saying "how can I help?" to negative remarks and trying to resolve them. I am curious as to what processes J. C. Penney customer service folks are using to discover and resolve customer services issues across the blogosphere. I hope J. C. Penney can reach out to Ms. Kachelein, Ms. Leonard, and Mr. Joris and help them out if you can. You, or your customer service folks, are cordially invited to post a follow-up comment on our blog suggesting more direct channels to reach J. C. Penney customer service. I'd very much welcome your thoughts, as the leader of a tremendous retailing brand, as to how blogging is changing the relationship between corporation and customer. Is this issue significant enough to reach your level? Thanks again for a great talk, and best wishes -- [signature] Alan Rimm-Kaufman President, Rimm-Kaufman Group
Letter posted on our blog Feb 24th. Letter sent via postal mail on Feb 25th. Wonder if Mike or J.C. Penney responds! letter to mike ullman, JC Penney CEO, the envelope
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