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Mobile Becoming Mom’s Daily Shopping Companion

As we continue to see the world of mobile marketing evolve, we also continue to see some core personas take the lead in how they use their devices and engage with brands. This should not be a shock to most marketers. What is shocking is that most brands are not taking advantage of this powerful mobile shopping machine. Yes, the moms! They are spending a lot of their time shopping for beauty and clothing products, which is not a big surprise, but what marketers should be watching is the increased participation in household products and ‘toys’ they need to keep their house in order. It is not about them making actual purchases on the mobile device, it is about providing savvy mobile moms an optimal experience when shopping, surfing, and identifying the best product for the best price. These moms are leading the way and it is now more important than ever that brands take a multi-channel approach to engaging with their core shoppers. This approach does not just start with optimizing your website by using responsive design; it starts with taking a more consumer-centric approach by aligning all the channel data into the CRM so proper insights can be established. It is about understanding her behaviors and habits – yes, the analytics behind the channels. Once this is established the brand can start to understand which channels to optimize first, what tactics to engage her with, and most important when, where and how to communicate with her. How do we use desktop email, mobile email, SMS, MMS, Push notifications in app or in mobile site, and passbook all together? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before a brand just jumps into “mobile” marketing. There are table stakes that build the foundation, but in order to understand this we must look at the data. It starts and ends with the insights learned from the data and analytics. To read the entire article click here.

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