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Video: The Current State of Organic Search Growth

Organic search visit growth is on the decline, but why? Signs point to significant changes coming out of the Google camp. Find out what changes have been made and how they impact SERPs, in this video from Merkle|RKG.
Topic: Mobile | SEO | Video

Addressable TV Today and Tomorrow

Networks like NBC, CBS, or ABC sell their content to cable companies. Those cable companies then deliver that content to households via cable subscription fees. When networks sell their content, they typically include two minutes per hour of blank space within the content, or four 30-second ad spots.
Topic: Video | Media

Bold Predictions for the Future of Television

We’re going to make three bold predictions about the future of television. These aren’t going to be obvious — we’re going big. I interviewed Chris Wilson, President of National Television at Rentrak, to get his prognostications. Here's what Chris had to say.
Topic: Media | Video

Addressable TV

As video on demand continues to grow, addressable TV and dynamic ad insertion is where we will see the two biggest growth areas in television. Learn more in the second part of our video interview series with Chris Wilson, President of National Television at Rentrak.
Topic: Media | Video