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My Experience as a New RKG Analyst

Hi.  My name is Alex.  I’m a Paid Search Analyst and would love to tell you about my experience as a new employee of RKG.

RKG Analysts at Work

Before joining RKG, I had explored many different industries and company types.  I held positions in administration, report writing, consulting and analysis.  I have worked in non-profit, manufacturing, technical consulting and direct marketing.  Many of the companies for which I have worked were small firms, while others have been very large with multiple departments and a well-structured leadership hierarchy.  This background has helped me to understand the advantages and pitfalls of both ends of the spectrum. Immediately prior to working for RKG, I was a marketing analyst for a multi-channel retailer, but its bread and butter was direct marketing, so sales were still strongly tied to the drop of a catalog. I first became interested in working for RKG when a colleague of mine invited me to attend their annual summit in Charlottesville.  I wasn’t far from the area and was eager to gain more insight into current online marketing trends.  I was blown away by the in-depth content they provided about paid search marketing and e-commerce.  The summit was interesting from a learner’s perspective, but also provided opportunities to discuss specific situations with industry experts. As you can read from another blog post, the hiring process at RKG was quite unique, and at least for me, quite enjoyable.  From there, it was on to training. The training program at RKG is well prepared for new analysts and is built to help us continually grow both in terms of our industry knowledge and our ability to use internal tools.  I don’t want to go into too great a detail about the training, but I can say that as I struggled to learn my responsibilities in other companies I would repeatedly think, “If they would only document that!”, or “If there was only a video that illustrated this!” or “I wish there were just some practice exercises I could do to learn this concept better!"  At RKG, the training program documents that, has a video for this, and provides practice to better learn the tools and the industry. Since Day 1, I’ve been very impressed with the inside workings of RKG.  I already knew that RKG was on the cutting edge of online marketing, but didn’t consider how their professionalism and culture would extend into their company structure.  RKG’s office environment is very open, similar to how they interact with their clients…OPEN.  The Client Services department is divided into teams to provide a small support group for each other and a team leader to provide training and direction.  Most team members share an open office space with each other and the teams keep their doors open to freely interact with other teams and more senior leaders. The layout of an office may seem unimportant to generating revenue, but the openness of the office promotes interoffice cooperation. It unifies the department in our efforts to provide outstanding service to our customers.  As an example, if I’m struggling to help my client improve their ad copy and trying to find the most efficient way to do it, I can usually ask my team leader and, if someone else in the room recently found a great way to improve ad copy in an efficient manner, they offer assistance. This is just a small example but it extends to larger concepts like Display Ads and new engine offerings like Site Links and Product Listing Ads.  We are able to put our collective knowledge and experience to work for all of our clients. RKG’s efficiency extends beyond its training program and teamwork into the everyday.  If there are things you do in your office that you think, “There’s got to be a way to automate that, because I do it every day and it’s all digital,” RKG automates it. In my last position, I was bound by a very old SQL program to write queries.  A regular Monday report could take me hours to run, paste into Excel and reformat with the current week’s data.  There was a big disconnect between the analysts’ needs and the IT group.  At RKG, analysts communicate with the IT group to express efficiency deficiencies or other opportunities for improvement.  Reports are systematized and auto-generated, giving analysts the opportunity to spend their time making adjustments and THINKING about the data.  The key here is that the analysts have the tools they need to actually think through analysis instead of just regurgitating numbers.

Making Time to Volunteer

One last, but important value I have found at RKG is that all of the employees, even up to the top, make time for personal interests.  Everyone strives to achieve a work/life balance.  The work itself is interesting and enjoyable, but keeping up with outside interests keeps our minds fresh and ready to engage in helping our clients. I have been more impressed with RKG the longer I have been here.

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