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NEMOA: The World Is A' Changing

Posted rough NEMOA notes yesterday before heading out to dinner. In less than 24 hours:
  • Kevin Hillstrom: I received an e-mail the blogosphere is an echo chamber -- hugh mcleod from a conference attendee saying your talk was good … times are changing when catalogers are sending me e-mails while you talk!! Yep.
  • Chuck Teller from CatalogChoice checked in to give his side of the story. I'll follow up and would like to interview him on this blog, if he's willing.
  • Mark Lee tossed up the end of Steve Spangler's presentation on YouTube, caught on a cell phone. Sadly, Mark only captured the final few minutes, so Steve's real marketing content isn't there, just the triple egg stunt with Terry Monahan.
One of the themes at the NEMOA conference has been, hat-tipping to ClueTrain, that markets are conversations. We as marketers must not forget we're real people, speaking with and listening to and responding to real people, not just spam-blasting (possibly unwanted) emails and catalogs and messaging outward at the world. marketing is for assholes
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