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A New Approach to Pharma Search Reduces Costs and Increases Brand Leads

Can we get more personal with pharmaceutical search? Yes. The future of pharma search includes opportunities to increase both message and media targeting based on known and anonymous data. This will ensure we continue to deliver the right message at the right time via the right device/ channel.

A top-5 global pharmaceutical company improved their search efforts for one of their blockbuster brands, resulting in increased patient acquisition and significant cost savings. Merkle offers a data-driven SEM and search engine optimization (SEO) approach that places search in the center of the digital ecosystem. The brand previously had its search efforts on auto-pilot through a large media holding company, which led to underperformance in all key metrics. Not only did the company reduce their costs by 65%, but they increased their leads by 368%! 

Learn how the company was able to exceed these stated objectives in our case study, including:

  • Increased qualified patient leads with reduced budget versus pre-restructure
  • Reduced cost-per-click (CPC ), cost-per-registration, cost-per-video-view, and cost-per-information-download
  • Increased qualified completions
  • Improved qualified patient registrations, video, and file downloads, leading to deeper brand engagement
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