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Nice job, Staples!

staples Our offices are just around the corner from our local Staples, so we buy 99% of our office supplies from them, and we consistently use their rewards card program. Last week's mail brought this nice note:
Dear Mr Alan Rimm-Kaufman: We are really sorry. Because of an error on our end, the amount of your last Staples reward was incorrect. We've enclosed what we owe you -- plus an extra $10 for the inconvenience. As a Staples Reward member, you are among our most valued customers. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-793-3320 if we can ever be of further assistance. Regards, Don LeBlanc Senior Vice President Customer Marketing
Full responsibility for the error, over-compensating for the mistake, and written in plain English -- wow! We hadn't noticed that Staples short-changed us by about $40 on our rewards check (nor is it likely we ever would have.) Mr. LeBlanc's nice letter gave us that warm great-customer-service fuzzy feeling, and we want to acknowledge Staples for that.
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