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Online Market World 2007

online market world logo Next week, Larry Becker and I will be speaking at Online Market World at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. online marketing world Larry's moderating a panel on online merchandising techniques on Thursday at 11:15. His panelists include Jack Jia of Baynote, Kelly O'Neill of ATG, and Lauren Freedman of The e-tailing Group. I'll be moderating a panel on using search for customer retention Thursday at 1:30. My panel includes Bill Mungovan from CaratFusion, Jamie Smith of Engine Ready, and Dan Pucillo from The Black Dog. black dog OMW is a new show, put on by The Chase Group. Chase has a strong tech emphasis, running trade shows for EBay, Google, and Dr Dobbs. There's a huge surge of new organizations putting on web trade shows. We're probably currently "over-conferenced" as an industry, but that's OK for now. The interesting ones will survive, and the less fit shows will quietly fade. The scene reminds me of the Cambrian explosion 530 million years ago, when the oceans exploded with new forms of life in all sorts of radical shapes. Kerygmachela kierkegaardi OMW promises to be interesting. They're rolling out some novel approaches for audience interaction during sessions and for live show blogging. We're looking forward to participating. If you'll be in San Francisco for OMW and would like to meet up with Larry or me give a shout. Our main office number is (434) 970-1010, and they'll pass on our cell numbers.
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