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The Outcomes of Identification, Personalization and Regulatory

Pharmaceutical marketers are watching industries around them light up opportunities for product and service entrenchment and extension by leveraging and personalizing evolving social platforms and channels. Unlike other industries, the pharmaceutical industry is a tricky chessboard of FDA regulations, HIPPA compliance, and corporate risk aversion.

[whitepaper nid="2713" width="50%" align="right"][/whitepaper]Despite the challenges, opportunities to enhance and strengthen relationships with patients and health care professionals exist. Given the current (and evolving) regulatory environment, consider the following steps when approaching a new initiative to increase communication between pharma marketers and privacy/regulatory/compliance teams:

  • Engage your privacy, legal, or regulatory compliance teams early in the process. Work to make sure their “Digital IQ” is as high as yours.
  • Host a session with your brand team and AORs (digital, creative, CRM) where you preview your strategy and those specific tactics that are designed to achieve the business objectives. In effect, be sure to discuss the “What” and the “Why”.
  • Ask your privacy, legal, or regulatory team(s) to host a session as well. Follow up with a discovery session focused on the potential risks (rewards) of different tactics and how they could be mitigated.
  • Invite your privacy, legal, or regulatory teams into the planning process with you. Solicit their feedback to make the (MLR) approval process more efficient, but also to ensure that their questions are addressed prior to execution, and that they are aligned with and aware of key market-driven timelines.

To dive further into the understanding of personalization, privacy, and health, read our complimentary whitepaper, The Future of Personalized Health Marketing.

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