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Paid Search And the 2008 Election

Yesterday we talked about our study on the use of pay-per-click search in the presidential election. We're not alone. There are a lot of people covering the election with good takes on the search marketing angle. Here's a partial list of bloggers commenting on search in the 2008 Presidential campaign: * Eric Frenchman, PardonMyFrench * Straight Up Search, The 2008 Presidential Race Online & Personal - A Preface * Frank Schilling, Seven Mile: Paid-Search , Domain Name Growth , Spurt in 4 Year Cycles ? * Clayton Benton, Campaign 2008 - PPC * Jonah Stein, Search Marketing for Political Candidates - Electronic Grass Roots * Jake Matthews, 2008 Presidential Candidate Search Marketing Face-off » 10e20 ... * Scott Willoughby, SEOmoz | Whether DNC or RNC , Political Candidates need SEO * Michael D Jensen, How do the Presidential Candidates Rate for SEO ? * Loren Baker, Barack Obama vs . Hillary Clinton vs . John Edwards : Looking at Search Stats * marketingdrome.com, Which 2008 Candidate has the Best Search Engine Marketing * Fred Stutzman, techPresident – SEO 101 For Campaigns: An Interview with Neil Patel * Elaine Young, Presidential Candidate Social Media Analysis #13: Rep. Ron Paul (R) This is an area of interest for me. If you know of any good posts on this topic, do send them along (or comment) and we'll add them to the list. (And by the way, we do follow.)
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