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People-Based Marketing Brings Together Advertisers and Publishers Like Never Before

People-based marketing sounds like something that should be easy and obvious. After all, isn’t all marketing “people-based”?

As it turns out, no. A lot of marketing is cookie-based, device-based, or bot-based. For brands to reach consumers as people requires more. It requires a core, universal identifier that ties the person to all this data, both online and offline, and some pretty serious hardware to make sure that data is clean and leveragable.

LiveIntent is a company that helps deliver ads and marketing material to consumers based on info derived from their email. They recently interviewed me, Merkle’s Kelly Leger, VP, Publisher Addressable Marketplaces, about how keeping data clean and consolidated which is critical to identifying customers online and some potential ideas around rebranding Merkle’s PAM (Publisher Addressable Marketplace).

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