People Don't See, First Time Shown

What does a color-changing card trick have to do with marketing? As marketers, we need to present our case multiple times, consistently and compellingly, before our audience takes notice. Back when I was catalog marketing, I was taught that many people don't see things the first time they're shown. Before evaluating a new offer or program, we'd need to present it several times to see if it worked. Seth Godin makes this point in his excellent book, The Bootstrapper's Bible. Godin's four rules of advertising (p. 59): Spend Regularly, Persist, Be Clear, Test & Measure. I'm not talking about prospects understanding or choosing your offer. I'm talking about them even noticing it. This video from Quirkology reminded me of how little actually gets seen. I didn't catch it the first time I watched. Did you? Hattip: Frank Roche, at KnowHR
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