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On Perspective

I've been thinking recently about how one's perspective influences what one sees. Example one: Indentifont. Indentifont is an intesting app that helps you determine the font of a text sample by asking you questions. As an example, say one wanted to identify the font in the RKG logo. (AG Old Face BQ, if you want to know). Indentifont asks you a series of questions about the letters, narrowing down the possible font families with each answer. Here's a screenshot: What amazed me about Indentifont is not its accuracy -- and it does do pretty well at identifying fonts --but is how it made me look at letters in a way I never had before. It was like pulling up the shades on a window and getting a new view. I'm not a designer. I've never studied typography. I look at letters all day long, but had never consciously observed that an upper case "G"s can have a left bar, a right bar, a double bar, or no bar. Even though I look at letters all day long, Indentifont showed me I've not been really seeing letters. Example two: Optical Illusions. For example, there are some great optical illusions over at scientificpsychic.com. In this image, square "A" and "B" are the same shade of gray. Really. You can use a eyedropper color tool to check (for example, the colorzilla firefox extension), or you can look at this superimposed constant color gray bar. Example three: Dashboards. I mentioned Dashboard Spy in an earlier post. We're working towards improving some internal dashboards we use here at RKG, and so I've been checking our the samples at Spy. The Spy examples really demonstrate how how much a company's dashboard reflects their perspective, and vice versa.
Today's Dilbert takes a different angle on dashboard issue: dilbert dashboards And I'll leave it at that.
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