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PPC to Call-Center Tracking at RKG

Recently, Google announced the ability to track calls to your business, driven by ads. These new "call metrics" will be displayed within AdWords utilizing Google Voice technology. The clear benefits of this solution rest in the ease of implementation and straightforward, integrated reporting. However, if a more robust tracking solution is required, an advertiser may find Google's solution to be a bit limiting. At RKG, we've had a call tracking solution in place since late 2008. Please read through the details of that post, but for a quick read, I'll summarize the main points. 1) Our tracking is granular. RKG's solution allows for call-center orders to be tracked back to the individual user's click. Therefore, not only can we know what keyword and search engine generated the click, we can also attribute credit to the click amongst other marketing channels that we track (Email, Organic, Affiliate, etc. and the timing and ordering of each). 2) Our tracking can collect sales information in real-time, along with custom attributes relevant to the order. It can also handle routine updates or changes via an automated back-fill to our FTP server. 3) Our tracking is included Free for all RKG Paid Search Management clients. If offline, call-center tracking is essential to your business, we believe it is essential for us to monitor those transactions, and don't think you should have to pay more to accurately measure the core PPC program. 4) Our tracking allows for automated response. The advertiser does not need to constantly monitor which campaigns or keywords are driving call-center orders, and react to those data points. Rather, RKG's technology seamlessly integrates the call-center orders into our proprietary bidding technology in real-time. As you're shopping for call-center tracking solutions, make sure you understand not only what data you will be able to collect, and at what level of detail, but also consider how much maintenance will be necessary to ensure that call-center data is being appropriately weighted in your PPC program. For more details our tracking please read this detailed post or Contact Us for a free evaluation.
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