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Quack, Quack: Made-For-AdSense Spam

On Tuesday, we released a nifty little tool with a funny name: RKG Duck, a Windows Clipboard Filter. By Thursday, an exact search on google for "RKG Duck", with the search phrase in quotes, brought back over 2000 results. made for adsense2000 new pages in 48 hours! Boy, those webmasters must have burned the midnight oil generating valuable novel content about our software and... Nope. Almost every one of those 2000 are the output of the scraper parasites built to exploit advertisers via Google's content network. "MFA", or "Made For AdSense". Trash pages set up by spiders run by Bad Guys to rip off online advertisers. Yuck. Last year, a decidedly unscientific experiment suggested about 8% of all pages on the web are MFA trash. My intuition is that estimate was low then, and is wildly low now. Because of the business model Google established, AdSense spam flourishes. Google's battle to keep Bad Guys out of content increases in difficulty every day. Historically our agency has found the content networks weak, but interestingly we're seeing signs of some improvement from Google content clicks during the last quarter of 2007. We take that as evidence that Google's getting better at keeping trash sites out the content network. We look forward to a future when when content click fraud vanishes, when advertiser-funded Google checks stop flowing to trash MFA publishers, and when spiders stop harassing our duck. Quack, quack.

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