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Rant: Keep Users On Your Domain

Dun & Bradstreet sends along a computer form via postal mail to our office long the lines of "our records indicate your D&B report could be more complete... blah blah blah... please visit www.dnb.com/report to add data... blah blah blah." OK, sure. But when our office folks enter www.dnb.com/report in the browser, it redirects to http://dnb.01o.net/asbs/servlet/SS?F=1236435. Scary! Fear and doubt! What the heck is 01o.net? Are we being phished? (Very sophisticated phishing, given the postal mail piece?) We think not: a some digging shows 01o.net is D&B's email provider, and this was probably just a convenient way for D&B to toss up a form. But D&B should have delegated piece of their DNS (email.dnb.com, say) over to Click Tactics, and kept the users on dnb.com. They're a credit bureau, for gosh sakes -- D&B should strive to do everything they can to maintain trust. This lesson applies to online retailers too -- when using third-party email, surveys, analytics, etc etc, if the URL is visible in the browser bar, make sure the URL stays within your domain. Flipping users over to strange URLs creates fear and doubt.
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