RegHack To Stop Windows From Opening Folders In New Windows

windows opens new folder on each click Something broke on my computer last month and thereafter Windows insisted on opening all folders in new windows, even with "Tools >> Folder Options >> General >> Open Each Folder In Same Window" checked and "Applied To All Folders." This was really annoying. Doing any work cluttered up the desktop with hordes of reproducing folders. Hebert Jeremy of NZ offers a solution on TechRepublic that finally fixed the bug.
  1. Create a text file with these contents Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00   [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell] @="none"
  2. Rename the text file "folder.reg" (Name doesn't matter, just the ".reg" extension.)
  3. Save a checkpoint in case your snarl up your registry: "Start >> Help And Support >> Undo Changes With System Restore >> Create A Restore Point"
  4. Click on "folder.reg" and confirm "yes" at the "Are you sure you want to add to your registry?" prompt
I don't know much about Windows, so I can't say that this fix is free from side-effects. The usual caveats about manually messing with the registry apply. Be advised a snafu can trash your system. Thanks, Herbert! A minor annoyance fixed.
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