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Reinventing Medication Adherence in the Digital Age

There is an ongoing lack of patient adherence, which is one of the biggest drivers of unnecessary costs in healthcare today. Merkle’s Kent Groves, PhD, and Croom Lawrence recently discussed this phenomenon in a webinar, which is now available on-demand. The webinar  is accompanied by an interactive white paper, which goes into detail about ways to drive adherence through strategies that include:  utilizing mass personalization powered by Big Data;  planning and executing integrated adherence strategies through paid, earned, owned and shared media, including social; identifying barriers; and discovering new digital tactics that can create a better customer experience.

This resource will give insight for marketers looking to deliver a meaningful improvement in patient outcomes, while leveraging traditional and evolving channels as the communication medium. The status quo is no longer acceptable. Improvements in adherence and compliance will soon to be expected under the umbrella of the Affordable Care Act, but also stand to be rewarded by ever-vigilant managed care organizations. Prescriptions will be written based not on the relationship with pharma rep, but on what that brand can do to help healthcare providers realize increased medication adherence and improved patient health.

Click here to download the on-demand webinar and white paper. 

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