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Relationships Have Demands; Relationships Have Rewards

Nonprofit fundraising has never seen such drastic shifts as in the last several years. The shifts are not isolated in one area and the impact has been broad – affecting many areas of the organization. Many would consider these last few years monumental as we have seen shifts at the operational level, at the marketing strategy and performance level and, perhaps of greatest importance – at the consumer level.

Revenue metrics have been scrutinized and redefined, a new “norm” has been developed for marketing performance, and the connection between the marketing teams and the fundraising teams has become mandatory for success. And, at the heart of this change are the constituents and prospects of the charity itself.

We need to start marketing at an individual level to help relationships grow.

It’s not news that overall consumer expectations and behaviors have changed. Not all donors want a relationship – in fact, most donors probably don’t. The key is to identify those who do and establish the kind of relationship they want with an organization. And because of this dynamic, marketers and fundraisers are spending more and more time focused on the constituent at the center of their strategies.

Organizations today are truly moving from being transactional mass marketers to becoming customer centric. The desire to be more relevant and engage constituents in a way that creates more loyalty and longer-term brand engagement is stronger than ever… It is no longer a question of IF or WHO, but rather a question of WHAT and HOW.

They keys to creating and maintaining strong relationships in any circumstance are trust, communications and understanding, which are essential aspects of any constituent relationship marketing (CRM) solution. The more informed fundraising experts are about their supporters, the more quickly and effectively they will use individual-level information to drive better marketing decisions – to ultimately drive greater financial outcomes.

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