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RKG Approved for Preferred AdWords API Pricing

We're delighted to announce that as of August 1, 2010, RKG has been approved for Preferred AdWords API Pricing. Under this arrangement, RKG qualifies for a number of free API credits based on our volume of ad spend under management, which should effectively reduce Google API fees to zero for RKG clients. To qualify for preferred API pricing an agency and platform providers must be Google AdWords Certified Partners, and its tools and reporting capabilities must meet Google's standards. We're proud of our engineering team and the fact that we are among the first agencies to qualify. This erases what many in the agency world felt was a long standing bias against agencies. Large advertisers who built their own API tools didn't pay API fees, but agencies did. Of course, this fee dates from the time when many agencies abused APIs through indiscriminate use and wasteful bidding practices. RKG has been an early adopter and advocate for smart API usage for each of the major search engines. We continue to develop and adopt new API versions as well as utilizing the enhanced controls that come with each release. On behalf of RKG and our clients we say: "Thank you, Google!"
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