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RKG on SEL -- George Michie's Posts

We all get behind in our reading periodically. I still write pretty regularly for Search Engine Land and we don't republish these on RKG Blog anymore. I thought I'd give a quick synopsis of the posts I've written for them recently with links to the full post. PLAs: Cannibals? Allies? Or Both?: In response to many of our clients seeing slowed growth rates in paid search text ads, I dug into the question of whether the huge growth of PLAs was coming at the expense of paid search text ads and/or organic links. Overthrow the Tyranny of Paid Search Budgets: Budgeting paid search? Some must for strategic reasons, some must for political reasons. This post addresses the questions: Who should budget search? who shouldn't? and, how can you control the violence budgets can cause if you have to use them? Average Position a Distracting Lie: Many companies and paid search managers spend a great deal of time thinking about/worrying about their average position on the SERP. For a variety of reasons average position is a largely meaningless KPI these days. Coping with Enhanced Campaigns: A deep-dive look into the problem of modifier stacking in the Enhanced Campaign regime. 3 Components of Geo-Targeting Excellence in 2014 and beyond: Where the previous post looks at some of the awkward challenges relating to bidding with stacked modifiers, this post highlights some of the awesome power unleashed by the ability to manage geo-bidding comprehensively at scale with Enhanced Campaigns. Paid Search and Customer Acquisition: In this post I took a deep look at customer acquisition metrics through the lens attribution perspectives to show how proper attribution, proper categorization and a focus on new customers can present a markedly different picture from last touch revenue-only models. How Aggressively Should You Advertise in Paid Search? This post explores the rationale behind different levels of marketing investment as a function of business models. There is no one size fits all answer. Mark Ballard and Ben Goodsell have also been frequent contributors to the important trade publications and we'll offer some synopses of those posts as well.
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