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Sample Dashboards at DashBoard Spy

Designing a management dashboard is hard. It takes effort to choose the right 8 or so key metrics which represent the health and trajectory of your business. It takes good design skills to present these keys metrics in a simple, powerful format. Not being selective is easier, but much less useful. Many firms generate daily or weekly management "summary reports" overflowing with hundreds of statistics. In two of my former jobs, the weekly management report spanned multiple pages and had no graphs, just columns of 10 pt text. When you're thinking about (re)designing a dashboard, it helps to look at examples. And Dashboard Spy is one interesting site that lets you do just that. The anonymous Spy collects dashboard screenshots and posts them to the site. Solid blog, too.
Who is The Dashboard Spy? We can't tell you who he is, but we'll tell you a little about him. The editor of this site is an industry insider who has seen many IT projects and worked with many analysts, designers, programmers and business users on dashboard projects. He leads an Interactive Services department and has lots of ideas and opinions on User Experience-related matters.
Dashboard Spy -- check it out.
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