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Search Engine Market Share

Last time, I discussed the unclear future direction of Ask.com. Would the search engine cut it's previous plans to launch and develop a world class platform? TBD. As for now, the only clear conclusion is that Ask wants more traffic and is willing to go to great advertising lengths to get it. The plot thickens: At an MSN roundtable discussion Wednesday, MSN's director of search strategy, David Jakubowski stressed the need for a growing market share. Also, he noted that MSN would be offering a number of initiative programs to gather new customers. I'm interested to see what lengths MSN and Ask will go to in a effort to aquire new customers. I'm more interested to see Google's retaliation plans if MSN/Ask's campaigns begin to show positive results. Will Google launch their own, seldom seen advertising campaign? I'll revisit this topic once the MSN customer aquisition plans go public.
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