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Second Life Marketing: 20 Tips & 1 Contest

"All this Second Life stuff is just plain goofy," you may be saying. "Second Life is a game, not a marketing channel." And maybe you're right. But real brands are starting to market in Second Life. Brands like Nissan, Wells-Fargo, Adidas, Sun and Reuters. So just maybe there is something there, or might be soon. Along those lines, I found Prokofy Neva's post (yes, that's a Second Life name) about 'dos' and 'donts' for marketing in Second Life to be fascinating. Fascinating because I don't have a clue what Prokofy's talking about. Even the vocabulary is foreign. More on all this from MIT's Ad Lab: How to Advertise in Second Life, Part 2 OK, so here's a contest: Today (November 2, 2006), Google shows 675 results for a search on the quoted phrase, "second life marketing." How many results will Google show for this search February 2, 2007? Guesses due by 15 Nov, and closest guess wins a 40oz tin of gourmet jumbo Virginia peanuts from Plow & Hearth.
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