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SEO Copywriting Tips: How to Write Quality Content for Any Industry

As a boutique internet marketing firm, AudetteMedia does not specialize in a particular industry vertical.  So over the last few years I’ve found myself needing to wear the “expert hat” in a variety of areas from woodworking and vitamins to pet insurance, motorcycle parts and kids outdoor sports. Content is King, as they say in SEO. And more and more these days, that content needs to be top quality. But how do you write highly relevant, spot-on content, whether it’s a blog article, a product page, or a PPC ad, for an industry you’re just beginning to learn about? Here are three SEO copywriting tips on how to write first-rate, SEO and user-friendly content for any industry: 1. Google It: Never heard of a pocket hole jig? Not sure what makes a sleep vitamin special compared to others?  Just start off by Googling the term you are going to write about. Immerse yourself with what others have written. Don’t plagiarize; just capture the gist and jot down some notes on repeated themes you see being written. You should be able to describe the subject in brief that you are talking about and know a few key points you’ll want to hit in your content at the end of this task. 2. Read Reviews: You’re going to want to speak the lingo of whatever industry you are writing about. A great way to get some insight into “insider” terms is to read reviews of products that are related to what you are writing about. Let’s say you have to write 250 words on a bench vise. Find a site where customers are reviewing various bench vises and mine them for terms and features you can incorporate into your copy. 3. Keyword Research: Just before you dive into writing, use Google’s Wonder Wheel to see what terms people are searching for that are related to the main term you are writing about. For instance, if you are writing about cigarillos and search for that term using the Wonder Wheel, you’ll get some good ideas for terms to include in the content: You can also use other keyword research tools, like the Google AdWords keyword research tool, to get a sense of the search volume for these and other related terms. Through your keyword research, choose 1-3 keyword terms in addition to the main term you are writing about to include in your content. Then fire away! So how do YOU write high quality SEO copy for your clients? Add your ideas to the comment section below.
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