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SEO Geeks Everywhere!

We recently had a small batch of t-shirts made and sent them out to our SEO friends. Here are some of the pictures we got back! The t-shirt was accompanied with a letter asking for a photo of the recipient wearing it. Not everyone replied, but here are the ones that did.

Want an SEO Geek Shirt?

If you want a shirt do the following: 1. Follow me on twitter: @audette 2. Subscribe to our blog: http://www.audettemedia.com/feed 3. Comment here on the blog or send me a reply on twitter. 4. We'll send you a shirt!

The SEO Geeks

The awesome Bruce Clay team
The Bruce Clay geeks
The classy Lee Odden
Classy Lee Odden
Hamlet Batista rockin' the geek wear
Hamlet Batista is an SEO geek
Eric Lander's the man
Eric Lander rocks
Brian Chappel kickin' it in SEO geek wear
Brian Chappel in his shirt
Jordon Kasteler looking sharp
Jordan Kasteler is an SEO geek
Matt McGee is totally amped
Matt McGee getting fired up
David Mihm at the Deschutes Pub in Portland
David Mihm loves beer and SEO
Ben Goodsell sipping yerba mate and working it
Ben Goodsell loves yerba mate
The Jedi SEO geek Yoda did some collaboration with John at the office
Yoda collaborating with John Audette
Michael Martin representing the SEO Geekness proudly.
Michael Martin in the house
Anyone out there with an SEO geek that hasn't sent us a pic, please do so!
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