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SEO Scalpel: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Crawling Tool

We've been designing a robust, advanced, and powerful SEO crawling tool over the last several months. SEO Scalpel is designed to focus in on very defined, specific criteria on a site and deliver it in CSV files for deeper analysis. A partial list of SEO Scalpel's functionality is as follows:
  • Efficient and fast crawling
  • Scales up to millions of URLs per session
  • User agent configuration
  • Option to store a local copy of fetched URLs
Literally anything located in source code can be fetched individually, including:
  • Any meta data field
  • Any HTML tag, e.g. h(x), em, strong, etc
  • Any href attribute, e.g. nofollow
Additionally, SEO Scalpel can fetch "thin" pages on a domain by analyzing content length (as defined as written word text, rather than code, comments, etc.) and comparing that to overall page weight. And much more....  
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