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SEO Tool Review: Advanced Web Ranking & Link Manager

AudetteMedia has been using Advanced Web Ranking & Link Manager for over 2 years. This software works exceptionally well for automating SEO reporting, gaining actionable insights into rankings, and tracking metrics such as site backlinks, link text, and indexed pages. It also has a decent keyword research tool. The quick response time their support team has exhibited is immediately noteworthy. We've never had to wait for more than a day.

Advanced Web Ranking

SEO rock star Aaron Wall has recently posted an overview of Advanced Web Ranking, explaining that this software has been a re-occurring recommendation coming out of forum discussions. Rather than diving into what he has already covered, we wanted to highlight a few key features of Web Ranking and then turn focus to its sister application Link Manager.
  • GeoTargeted Keyword Ranking Reports
  • In Advanced Web Ranking there are a few ways you can check rankings from different locations using proxy servers and their Google Preview Tool. Since Google has implemented all sorts of geographical relevancy into their results, having the ability to show a client the rankings from search results that they see in their location or focusing on search engine ranking in specific markets is a necessity these days.
  • Multiple Users
  • Just like any other software, the end results depends on what is put into it. It helps to have more than one person collaborating and sharing new things learned on software with so much functionality. Advanced Web Ranking (and Link Manager) is cross-platform so it works on both Macs and PCs, making it easy to add users. You can also assign privileges to control for users to access certain projects.
  • Customizable Reports
  • Advanced has robust reporting capabilities. All reports can export to PDF, CSV, Excel, Text, XML, and HTML. Below is an example of a HTML ranking report. Reports can also be sent via email, or uploaded to a server through FTP to be browser accessible. These can be scheduled to run automatically. The ability to automate is a huge time saver and they definitely make it easy. Virtually every component of these reports is customizable - from page orientation, margins, colors, and fonts to displaying or removing charts. Custom logos can also be inserted adding personalization. Both Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager have these reporting capabilities.
  • Advanced Link Manager

  • Link Manager has come a long way in terms of stability and features since we started using it. Tracking indexation, link popularity, backlink history, and managing link building campaigns are at the core of this application's usefulness. They seem to be expanding features with some useful tools as well.
  • Tracking Indexation
  • Link Manager provides great insight into the indexation of a site and can compare each search engine. It also has the ability to add many domains, subdomains, and search engines.
  • BackLink History
  • This is another similar report, but with the number of backlinks taken from Yahoo's index. Notice the 'compare dates' in the upper right. Both of these reports have a nice chart option, where you can see number of backlinks obtained over time for a domain or for specified URLs. This report is an excellent resource for determining the success of a link development campaign.
  • Advanced Tools
  • Advanced continues to expand features by adding tools to the arsenal, many of which come from the "feature request" portion of their forum. These include WebSite Crawler, Google Maps Webpage Importer, WebPage analyzer, and Analyze Domains Quality.
  • WebSite Crawler
  • This a cross-platform Xenu alternative, but lacks the ability to exclude pages from the crawl. It's not as fast as Xenu, but pretty quick as long as you have the "retrieve rank for found pages" box checked. With WebSite Crawler you have the ability to export to Yahoo or Google SiteMaps to a CSV file. It also has few more SEO metrics when compared to Xenu like PageRank and "Robots no follow".
  • Google Maps WebPages Importer
  • This is a great tool for identifying competitors citations (like link equity for local search), allowing for the total owning of competition in local listings via the "meet then beat" mentality. Once you know the number and quality of your competitor's citations you have some actionable numbers to work with.
  • WebPage Analyzer
  • This tool is very handy and one that we use a lot. After finding an issue with a portion of a site, for example redirect issues, we'll place (copy and paste) a sample of the URLs in here for presentation and additional metrics, such as PageRank. Some nice options include parsing a page for automatic insertions of URLs. And as usual, has the option to export to CSV.
  • Analyze Domains Quality
  • This is a very interesting report. This report averages pages indexed (Google, Yahoo, Bing), links, and website ranking for the domains. It also takes the meta keywords specified on the domain's home page and checks if you're on the first page for those terms for all three search engines. Conclusion Advanced Link Manager is definitely the less sophisticated application when compared to Advanced Web Ranking. But they've improved it by leaps and bounds over time and their support, feature request, and frequency of version updates (and patches) are phenomenal. Using these applications with innovative tools like OpenSiteExplorer, MajesticSEO, SEMrush, WordStream, and others has proven to be a powerful combination. Advanced offers saver packs where you can receive discounts for buying in bulk and bundling products. They also have special offers where you can get a license for a writing a post like this one.
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