51% retailers surveyed report higher sales in November 2008 vs. November 2007

Last week and Forrester surveyed 96 member companies about their sales. The sample: a mix of multichannel retailers and pureplays. About 1/3 under $10mil, about 1/3 $10 to $100mil, and about 1/3 over $100mil in web revenue. Average web revenue $150mil. The finding: half of the retailers surveyed reported November 2008 sales beat November 2007 sales. Disney-Chicken-Little-Sky-Falling

(You need to be a member to read the report here. They might consider sharing the data beyond members if asked nicely.)

Now, that's half reporting a sales increase, not an earnings increase. Discounting likely played a big role. And if 50% of respondents enjoyed sales growth, then the other half didn't -- the "glass-half-empty" view. And many respondents were large store retailers, perhaps still showing strong y-o-y because they were late to the web.

Sure, sure, sure. A pessimist can spin these data negatively. Online sales could be stronger. Certainly.

But, as we've pointed out before here and here, despite the sky-is-falling stories in the popular press, we're not seeing utter collapse in online sales. Not across our clients. Not across non-client industry friends sharing numbers. And not across these 96 retailers.

Some retailers are having a very very tough time. Other retailers are seeing growth. The situation is quite mixed.

Stories of across-the-board retail catastrophe may drive news ratings, but they don't help the economy. And they don't reflect what's actually happening online.
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