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Shop.org Video Tip: Google Sitelinks

May is online marketing month at Shop.org!  Along with a series of webinars, blogposts and events, Shop.org is featuring video tips throughout the month for online retail marketers.  RKG provided today’s tip on optimizing your PPC program by enabling Google’s Sitelink extensions.  While Sitelinks have been around for over a year, they’ve evolved during this time and if you aren’t familiar with the latest features it’s worth a refresher! When you set up Sitelinks and your ad appears in one of Google’s top three “promoted” positions, descriptive links to your site can show below your ad in either a one or two-line format.  You can use this space to highlight top-selling products, core manufacturers or to bring users to more specific category pages on your site. Relevancy is key—Sitelinks should allow users to narrow their search and enter your site on a more tailored landing page.  Because they are set at the campaign level, account structure is important and being organized certainly pays off when it comes time to choose relevant links.  You can also get creative and drive traffic to a catalog signup page or store locator. Even though only four links can show at a time, a new feature of this extension is the ability to load up to ten links and let Google rotate them—showing links with the highest click-through-rate more often.  At RKG we also look at the conversion rate of each Sitelink individually so that we can maximize traffic and conversions.  If a link isn’t performing up to par there’s no reason to leave it in the mix—swap it out and test new options!
Ten Links

Choose up to ten links.

One of the best parts about Sitelinks is that they are quick to set up and easy to update.  Since changes are live in minutes, Sitelinks can be excellent places to highlight seasonal sales or new inventory.  Unlike their organic counterpart, Sitelinks in paid search are flexible and easily controlled. Sitelinks can be enabled on the Ad Extensions tab in the Google user interface or in AdWords Editor (a new upgrade that we love!).
Ad Extensions tab of the UI.

Ad Extensions tab of the AdWords UI.

Make sure that the links for each campaign are as relevant as possible to maximize your increase in click-through-rate.  Also, since they are set at the campaign level, don’t forget to enable Sitelinks for each new campaign you add to your account.  You should also make sure to include any internal tracking parameters on your destination urls.  Check up on performance periodically and test new links to make the most out of Sitelink extensions. Keep an eye out for more video tips from RKG coming later this month!
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