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Shop.org Video Tip: Optimizing for Mobile PPC

May is online marketing month at Shop.org! Along with a series of webinars, blog posts and events, Shop.org is featuring video tips throughout the month for online retail marketers. RKG previously provided a tip on leveraging Google Sitelinks, but today’s tip is about optimizing your PPC program for high-end mobile devices.  By taking the time to segment out your mobile-targeted campaigns, you will have more control over your keyword list, bids, ad creatives and landing pages.




Start by looking at an AdWords keyword report segmented by device type or your analytics software to identify the keywords that are already performing well on mobile devices.


Downloading a Mobile Keyword Report

Run these keywords in a separate campaign targeted for “iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers.” Creating a new campaign will allow you to set a mobile-specific budget, run mobile-specific ad creatives, better target ad extensions and more easily track performance.

Setting Mobile Targeting Options

There are only five auction spots available for mobile ads: two at the top and three at the bottom.  Although mobile cost-per-clicks are lower than their desktop counterparts on average, you'll need to make sure your bids are high enough so that you are showing in average positions above 2.0 to maximize the chances of mobile users actually seeing your ad. Also, since many mobile users intending to buy ultimately purchase in-store or from a non-mobile device, it may make sense to bid the keywords in your mobile campaigns to a higher efficiency target and/or based on an entirely different metric than the ones in your non-mobile-targeted campaigns. For your ad creatives, think "local" and use mobile-specific messaging in your call-to-action. You should also maximize your click-thru-rate by using ad extensions such as "Click-to-Call" phone extensions, Sitelinks or Location Extensions. With just a little bit of time and effort you can ensure you're really getting the most out of your mobile PPC program. Keep an eye out for more video tips from RKG coming later this month!

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