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Shop.org's Cyber Monday

Scott Silverman, director of Shop.org, asked me to write about their cyber-Monday online shopping mall. It's an affiliate charity site with discounts. Proceeds benefit a scholarship fund for students interested in online marketing. Check it out. Beyond plugging a good cause for a great trade association, why might this interest marketing folks? The PR angle. There's marketing power in being the first to name a phenomenon. Shop.org created "Cyber Monday" in response to "Black Friday". Black Friday is the day when, according to popular belief, many retailers move into the black for the year. Shop.org wanted it known that, online, the Monday after Black Friday is a Really Really Really Big Shopping Day. (They're right; it is.) So they invented a catchy name for the day, and the name stuck. Now, you can argue whether or not Cyber Monday is really the busiest web shopping day of the year. It varies retailer to retailer, and it really doesn't matter anyway. What matters is that Shop.org was able to coin a label that brought attention to just how enormous online retail has become to our economy, and do so in a way that resonated with the popular press, at the just the right time in history. A year later, the term is everywhere: Google shows 265k results on for the quoted phrase "Cyber Monday" Technorati shows 1900 results for the phrase. (Should the Technorati search have quotes? Not sure, but I think so.) Cyber Monday. A good nickname. A big PR win. And really smart marketing for an online retail trade association.
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