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Simpler Writing, Better Conversion?

Back in 1997, Jakob Neilsen described how web pages using simple and clear writing are more effective, enjoying significantly higher usability scores. This still holds true today. If you're not familiar with Simple Wikipedia, check it out. Simple Wikipedia is version of Wikipedia -- the encyclopedia based on a wiki that anyone can change -- which uses simpler English.
Articles in the Simple English Wikipedia use fewer words and easier grammar than the original English Wikipedia. The Simple English Wikipedia is also for people with different needs, such as students, children, adults with learning difficulties and people who are trying to learn English. Other people use the Simple English Wikipedia because its simple language helps them to understand unfamiliar topics or complex ideas. -- Simple English Wikipedia
Are any of your users non-native English speakers? Very young or very old? Adults with learning disabilities? More likely: are your web visitors typical web users -- that is, visitors in a rush, with little time and even less patience? If so, clearer web copy might improve your web usability and conversion. Check out the writing style over at Simple Wikipedia.
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