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Snow Day Tomorrow -- Via RSS

Few online retailers are yet using RSS for marketing. For example, Kevin Hillstrom checked the top 150 online businesses from the Internet Retailer Top 500 in January '07 and found only 4 offered RSS feeds. Come on, folks. RSS isn't hard. The "R" and the first "S" in "RSS" stand for "Really Simple", and the name is accurate. RSS is easier to implement than email. Most retailers should be able to develop RSS marketing programs using in-house IT resources. (We've worked up a laundry list of interesting marketing uses of RSS; we'll get that posted later this week.) It is snowing in Virginia tonight, and so I checked the county website to see if school would be open tomorrow. And there on the page:
Would you like to receive e-mail notifications of school closing information?
Click the Subscribe to this page link at the bottom of the page to receive school closing information and updates.
RSS subscription is also available as indicated by the RSS icon at the bottom of the page.
Yes, via SchoolCenter.com, there's now a RSS feed for inclement weather school closings for Albemarle County, Virginia. Ironic that some public schools are moving faster on this technology than most retailers. (If you were wondering, school is already cancelled tomorrow.)
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