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Social CRM Turns Addressable Platforms into Conversion Engines

Social CRM (customer relationship marketing) solutions allow clients to optimize social engagement across brand channels (site, email, mobile, display) and generate new customer acquisition through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Pinterest. Solutions are powered by data and a consistent, integrated approach across platforms and media — cycling through analytic insights, strategy, campaigns & content, and community management. Merkle's social practice leverages paid, owned, and earned media and tactics to drive and guide the customer journey from awareness to engagement to conversion.

Taking a unique approach to the development and deployment of social programs is important to its success, using paid media to drive the audience to owned campaigns and applications. Through audience engagement with our owned initiatives, we collect the data that drives granular insights and targeting opportunities, and then deploy a second wave of highly targeted paid media based on those insights. The earned media we generate is amplified along the way.

Social has become one of the key drivers in the customer journey, delivering value from each component of a program, and each component driving value into the next.


Brands are able to move beyond social as a conversation place, turning it into a conversion engine. This is our social ecosystem.

Analytics feeds a continuous refinement to strategy

Strategy informs the development and deployment of smart content and campaigns

Content and campaigns drive responsive member care through community management

High-touch community management engages members and drives the cycle through another rotation

From our perspective, social programs are brand builders, search signals, data harvesters, and sophisticated target identification and acquisition systems. Inside a social ecosystem, the traditional marketing funnel becomes a loop, creating evergreen value and driving the effectiveness of marketing efforts across channels.

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