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Speed Up Your Site

Linking over to a post at SEL I wrote about site speed, Google quality score, usability, conversion, saving energy, and reducing your carbon footprint. Faster is better.
To speed up your database, bring in the best database administrator you can find, check your slow query logs, invest in more memory and faster disks, and build smart database indexes to support common requests. spped of light -- the upper limit on speed To speed up your templating engine, minimize trips to the database, bump up the memory on those machines, and cache common page components or entire pages. Gzip your pages, remove whitespace from your source, remove needless CSS markup, use shorter class and id names, and use the cascading properties of CSS wisely, applying styling at the highest level of the DOM possible.
Link: How To Improve Site Conversion, Minimize Google Ad Cost, And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
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