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Standardizing Comparison Shopping Feeds: What You Can Do To Help

An earlier post on the NRF-ARTS press release about standardizing comparison shopping feeds (CSEs) concluded with a list of what online retailers can do to support this effort. Since this question came up at Shop.org last week in four different conversations with retailers, I'm reposting that list.

If your company currently advertises using CSEs — or if your company is thinking about starting -– the ARTS-NRF CSE standardization effort will help you. Here are four steps you should take to support this initiative.

  • Contact ARTS for a copy of the three XML specifications: visit www.nrf-arts.org or call Karen Shunk at (202)-626-8140
  • Ask your merchants, marketers, and IT folks to review the product schema. Do the fields have the data needed to describe your goods? Do the fields have the data needed to support your promotions, offers, shipping, and tax situation? If not, offer ARTS suggestions on improvinf the specs for the next iteration.
  • Ask your IT team to develop a product data feed in the ARTS format. Make this your preferred format to send data to CSEs and your search agency.
  • Advocate. Tell the CSEs you would be more likely to start advertising with them (or to increase your ad spend) if you can send and retrieve product and cost data more easily. Tell all CSEs to support the ARTS standards.
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