"Starting from Scratch: A Paid Search Primer" Nominated For Best SEM Post Of The Year

ryan gibson, rkg director of marketing Congratulations to Ryan Gibson that his recent blog post, Starting from Scratch: A Paid Search Primer, was nominated for a "SEMMY". That is, his post is a finalist for one of best paid search blog posts of the year. Ryan is RKG's illustrious Director of Marketing. If you've reached out to RKG to learn about our paid search management services or our website conversion optimization projects, there's a good chance that his was the friendly voice on the other end of the line.

"Ryan," I asked, "wasn't that your first post on rkgblog?" "First post on any blog," Ryan replied. ""Your first post nominated for best-of-the-year? Cool! So when will you write another one?" "Nope, I'm done!"

Different topic: will you be in Orlando this week? Ryan and I will be at the Channel Intelligence retail summit this Tuesday and at Shop.org Strategy & Innovation this Wednesday and Thursday. Give a call if you'd like to meet up.

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