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Successful Promotion Planning Strategies in Pharma

In the past, promotion planning began with a specific budget allocated through brand silos that delivered an undifferentiated message to customers.   Today, companies who continue to use that strategy find themselves haphazardly promoting multiple messages to the same customer (HCP or patient) whether it’s through  email, a visit from the sales force, a phone call or a  display ad.  This  “strategy” isn’t a strategy at all and ultimately can create less engagement from an HCP or patient. Life Science companies should begin to incorporate a strategy that delivers  a customizable and coordinated promotion plan over time based on the physician or patient’s preferences.

A top 10 pharmaceutical company tasked Merkle with helping to improve their promotional efficiency while reducing the overall level of spend. Their current organizational structure like many others in the pharmaceutical industry was designed around brands and tactics – which inhibited their focus on customers. This company decided to strategically move from a mass market promotional approach to a customer centric promotional approach that was both new to the organization and has continually improved over time. The road towards customer centricity isn’t a race, it is a journey leading to lower overall costs and higher ROI.

Click here to see how one company went from a 2:1 to 6:1 ROI and see how incorporating digital data and media data into promotional planning will ultimately optimize promotion spend.

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