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Talking Personalization, Part 2: Digital Experience

An interview with Steve Galaty, Director, Digital Experience

In our last post we focused on organizational readiness to delivering personalized experiences. Many organizations are realizing that personalization should be a strategy and not simply a marketing tactic. This blog series explores personalization strategy by gaining perspectives from a diverse set of Merkle superhero’s. You’ll get some tips to help your brand adopt a truly customer-centric approach.

This superhero discussion is with Steve Galaty, Director, Digital Experience at Merkle

Steve’s areas of expertise include creative digital experience with a specialty in delivering impactful and meaningful moments that foster relationships, promote loyalty, and fulfill the brand promise.

1. What challenges do you see organizations facing with their overall marketing strategy as it relates to delivering personalized experiences?

A challenge many organizations face is a lack of orchestration as a system to propel a customer-centric approach.

2. How does organizational readiness including creative, data, and a good customer strategy enable organizations to deliver on personalized experiences?
The end-user experience requires a customer-centric content strategy. This includes:

  • Message Continuity: Messaging serves a consistent conversation from one touch to the next.
  • Message Sequencing: Depth and timing of the content meets and fulfills
  • the customer’s objective.
  • Orchestration: Assets work cohesively to propel consumers forward in their journey.

3. What are some key questions organizations should ask vendors and partners?
You should ask content vendors what their experience is with scaling content to ensure continuity, sequencing, and orchestration.

4. What questions should organizations ask themselves about their strategy?
What is our content strategy?


5. What trends do you see forming in personalization?
Agencies are staffing up for content creation, and that, combined with automation will “coach” a person through their brand experience.

The next blog in the series will focus on an interview with Alex Yoder on Analytics.

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