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Tame Your Inbox And Increase Your Productivity

Great Merlin Mann video on taming your email inbox. Merlin packs many solid ideas into 30 minutes. Particularly fascinating in the Q&A is how buried Google seems to be with internal email. On a related theme, I've been toying with the idea of developing a new email client aimed at enhancing corporate productivity. The entry level "bronze" level of my software would be your basic MS Outlook clone. Corporations seeking increased productivity could step up to the "steel" level software , which would remove "BCC" functionality, mass distribution lists, and email themes. For a slightly higher price, the "silver" version would in addition lose the ability to send HTML, to include attachments over 1Mb, and to "CC" anyone in the org chart higher than the recipient or yourself. The "gold" level software would drop CC entirely, restrict the "To" field to at most three recipients, and automatically delete inbound or outbound email matching rumors on snopes.com. The top-tier "platinum" version of the software would impose a quota on the maximum number of emails each user could send each week, would automatically delay angry outbound emails by 24 hours, and (here's the killer feature) would allow users to check email at most thrice daily. Verily, such software could cause corporate productivity to soar. smiley
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