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Text Ads and PLAs: A Winning Combo for Nine West

Nine West Product Listing Ads appear for a Google search on a mobile device

RKG is proud to have delivered great results for Nine West, the popular brand catering to a diverse audience of career- and fashion-minded women, since taking over management of their Paid Search and PLA program last year. Google approached us to develop a case study after recognizing the increase in overall exposure and brand engagement that resulted from our team's expertise, analysis, and expansion of Nine West's PLAs across devices alongside their text ads. Nine West’s conversion rate rose 8% and revenue rose 14% with the addition of the PLA campaign due to RKG's customized and strategic approach. Likewise, the mobile conversion rate rose 3% when text and PLAs were combined, and mobile revenue rose 5%. Additional PLA Results:
  • Generates 25% of overall AdWords search revenue
  • Conversion rate is 2.3X higher than overall AdWords search conversion rate
  • Generates 15% of mobile AdWords search revenue
  • Conversion rate is 2.0X higher than overall mobile AdWords search conversion rate
To learn more about how PLAs can help advertisers win on the crowded "digital shelf" and Nine West’s success, view the full case study, the article Google Think Insights, and/or the blog post on Inside AdWords. Special thanks to Erica Sievert, Daniel An, and Siobhan McCauley at Google for their support!
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