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Three Good Years

RKG turned three this month. I'm proud of what we've accomplished in three fast years. I'm appreciative of our great clients for their business. And I'm appreciative of the great folks who've joined me in this vision.

(Shameless plug: we're hiring.)

What is our vision? That there's space in the marketplace for an online agency that embraces transparency, straight talk, and fair pricing. That technology rapidly becomes a commodity, and that the true value of a marketing agency comes from its people. (Technology digression: based on hard data from clients coming to RKG from other SEM firms, we believe that our bid management platform is among the strongest in the industry today. But regardless of the power of our technology, our true strength comes from the dedicated client services folks who use it and the dedicated IT folks who improve it.)

We strive for transparency not only with our external clients, but internally as well. We work in teams serving clients. We practice open books. We try to decentralize decision making. We believe groups are often smarter than individuals. We share profits. And when appropriate, we blog on how we're running the company. To this end, we're adding a new blog category called RKG. The bulk of our blogging will continue to focus on paid search, online retail, and multichannel. We'll reserve RKG for the occasional post about our company.

We're bullish about the next three years. Online marketing will continue to grow. By making our clients successful, we'll continue to grow too. We've been adding great clients, great client services folks, and great IT folks. We have exciting improvements in the pipeline.

We look forward to sharing where we're headed. Thanks, all!

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