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Three Ways Wealth Management Companies Can Leverage Their Websites

Wealth management companies are often guilty of using their website as nothing more than an online brochure. After all, user engagement tools such as online search and display are really more for industries that use mass marketing tactics, not specialized, relationship-focused sales with a long cycle, right? Actually, if you aren’t using your website as a powerful tool to identify, qualify, and even convert clients, you’re leaving money on the table.

Here are three ways you can turn your website into a valuable asset:

1. Provide a great experience on any device

If your site can’t be easily read on a smartphone, you’re going to lose traffic and reputation. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this – Merkle’s ResponsiveJS, a form of transformative responsive design. Learn more about it in the full article.

2. Track site activity

It’s tough to know where there’s room for improvement if you don’t know how people are using your site. You’d be surprised how deep you can go into user metrics that help you tailor your content to your ideal audience.

3. Continue the online conversation with warm leads

There are several effective and highly targetable tactics for keeping the right prospects interested after they visit your site. It’s crucial to continue showing value after they make the initial contact.

To learn how to effectively implement these three essential strategies, read the full article, 3 Ways to Turn Your Website from a Chore to a Valuable Asset on Wall Street & Technology now. 

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