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Time to Get Blogging!

To the RSS subscribers we have, hello again! And to anyone new passing by, welcome. I've been neglecting my contributions to the SEO industry (at least on this blog - I've been speaking a bit, and working with clients a huge amount). There are a few reasons why our blog has been left by the wayside, and I won't bore you with them. I'm getting started again... even if it kills me. (Good thing I thrive on self-inflicted pressure!) I also wanted to put, in one place, links to the various parts of the web where you can find me. Here they are:

General Sites and Stuff

This is my general bio on AudetteMedia. Our site will soon be undergoing a redesign, I'm psyched about that! Here's my LinkedIn profile, always looking to connect there. And here's AudetteMedia on LinkedIn. On CrunchBase you can find me and my company. I have some presentations on SlideShare, including:
      The Art and Science of SEO Site Audits
      The Link Canonical Tag: The Good, Bad and Ugly
      ... and a bunch more.
    Unfortunately I don't publish the LED Digest anymore (but it was great while it lasted - all 10 years of it), however you can still find some (outdated) info about me there. Here's my profile for the SMX series of search marketing conferences.

    Social Media Profiles

    I'm on Twitter as @audette I'm on FriendFeed (which rocks, has many innovations, and will be interesting to watch after the acquisition by Facebook). My profile on Sphinn and on SearchEngineLand I still use Delicious pretty regularly for saving and re-finding stuff. Here's Flickr, which I barely use. I don't use this profile on Digg a ton, but here it is anyway. For some reason StumbleUpon just never grabbed me... I love using it when I do, but I'm rarely there. I have a SEOmoz profile and an SEOBook profile. I really like some of the tools offered at SEOmoz, and the community at SEOBook simply rocks.

    Video Interviews

    Rebecca Corliss (@repcor) of Hubspot shot an interview with me about the SEO at Zappos during SXSW this year. A short Pubcon interview the superstar @leeodden did with me in 2008. These videos are also on Youtube, holla!

    Other Stuff

    Todd Mintz (@toddmintz) did this interview with me recently. Here's another interview (this one in audio) by Mark Knowles (@markknowles) on the history of SEO. Guess that about does it. I'm sort of obsessive... and want to consolidate all my social media profiles and online activity into one place. I think that's why I like FriendFeed so much, it appeals to the organizational side of things. UPDATE: I just signed up at Kontain, it's pretty cool. Nice interface, clean, and ties in with social media (twitter and facebook especially). It's fast. This is what an update looks like (nice embed function).
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