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Tip: Automate Repetitive Web Marketing Tasks Via FireFox

automating firefox Firefox extensions can be very powerful tools, automating repetitive web tasks and making the web easier to use. As many marketing programs are today managed through web apps, a little browser hackery can go a long way towards increasing the efficiency of your web marketing team. If any of your web marketing folks are comfortable with Javascript, they might be able to pull off such little custom automation efforts without turning to IT. If some IT help is needed, these browser tweaks aren't full-blown development projects, and can usually be pulled off quickly. O'Reilly's GreaseMonkey book is an solid introduction to FFox hacking. And this week SoftwareDeveloper just put out a very nice web resource list for developing FFox extensions. Think about the web tasks your team needs do over and over, working through internal or third-party web apps. Could some simple browser automation speed things up?
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