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Tip: Jott For Conference Reminders

TAO Las Vegas Just back (red-eye) from Las Vegas and the Shop.org Annual Summit. Really a great show. Congrats to all the Shop.org staff who programmed such a huge and well-executed event. Special hat tip to Larry Joseloff for his show leadership. Yesterday I also had the pleasant opportunity to participate in some Mercado's Customer Advisory Board events. Mercado is a company that listens to and cares about their customers, that is clear. Anyway, between the summit, the parties, and the CAB, it was an intense couple days of conversations, meetings, bumping into old friends, and meeting new people. Lots of biz card, lots of notes, lots of follow-up... jott logo I had a small efficiency idea (sadly on the last day of the show), and here it is: Use Jott as a digital voice recorder with transcription to record meeting followups. I'm a big Jott fan: I keep them on speed-dial on my cell to record "to do"s. Hadn't used Jott at a show before. So, after a conference conversation, I could duck someplace quiet, dial Jott, Jott myself, and record any notes, ideas, tips, or follow-up. Those notes are waiting for me in Outlook next time I check email, easily dragged into Outlook tasks as needed. Neat! Thanks, Jott.
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