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Top Growth Organizations Focus More On Customer Acquisition And Loyalty

In 2013, we asked executives to prioritize their customer business goals through 2015. Not surprisingly customer acquisition, wallet share and customer loyalty top the list for both high and low growth organizations*. However, customer acquisition as a business goal is increasing in high growth organizations. It’s flat and overall less important to executives in lower growth organizations.  

MOST important customer business goals for 2013-14 relative to 2011-12

Lower Growth Vs. Top Growth


In our recent report, Customer-Centric  Transformation: Five Keys to Leading Successful Change,  Key #2 addresses customer vision and how organizations need to showcase the new customer vision –  how open communication brings the customer vision to life, makes it easy for people to understand at all levels and sets the stage for the operating changes to come. 

*Growth is relative to industry peers and defined based on revenue AND profits. Respondents were able to select all goals that applied.

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