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The Toyota Prius is a Purple Cow

prius Two different RKG employees came in to work this Tuesday as proud owners of brand new Toyota Priuses. Coincidence! They even bought the same shade of metallic blue. And so today various RKG folks trooped down to the parking lot at lunch to check them out. I don't recall that happening before for other new cars. Overheard:
"See, keyless entry!" "Check out the video camera showing what's behind you when you put it in reverse!" "You started it already? I can't hear it!'' "50+ miles to the gallon, you say?" "Two glove compartments, and a map holder under the seat!"
By tour's end, I was considering a Prius for my next car. And I don't think I was alone -- I bet a few other Priuses show up in our parking lot over the next year as a result of all this spontaneous word-of-mouth buzz. Godin is so right: one recipe for marketing success is produce a remarkable product. The Prius is a purple cow. People want to talk about it. And that remarkableness totally changes the relationship between prospect, customer, and marketer. (Thanks, Monica, for showing off your new ride.)
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